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Personal Contract Purchase

What do Lease Ease Offer on PCP?
Lease Ease offers Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) on both New and nearly New Cars and Light Commercials for up to 60 months.
Personal Contract Purchase brings you the benefit of Company Car motoring without the restrictions imposed by a Company, or the attention of the Tax Man! Car Leasing made easy!

Lease Ease can offer a flexible hassle free Personal Car Lease at the:

  • payment you can afford
  • you choose the type of car & specification
  • a Lease from 12 – 60 months, at the mileage you expect to drive each year
  • the option of full Maintenance, so therefore fixing your costs, even your Road Fund is covered for the duration
  • Gap Insurance, this covers the Gap between what your Insurance offer you, in the event of a write of or car theft (upto £5000)

At the end of the car leasing period, you may hand back the car or puchase at a price agreed at the start of the contract, therefore there is no risk involved to you.

For a great price for cars from UK Dealers with UK Specifications, Lease Ease will do all the haggling for you, so no negotiations with dealers are necessary.

With the support of major finance houses you can benefit from group discounts on car leasing at manufacturers special deals.

Choose your car, we will locate it for you and tailor your lease for you!

Alternatively, choose from over 2500 vehicles from the nearly new range, including Vauxahall Vectra, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Galaxy, Ford Mondeos and others all at a saving of up to 40% on the equivalent new price when leased.

Again, choose your car, we will locate it for you, tailor your lease, and deliver it to your door!

At the end of your contract either purchase at the pre agreed price, hand back, and choose your new contract.